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The 82nd Texas Legislature convenes TODAY

And we’re going to need your help fighting off massive cuts to women’s health care.

Texas’ massive budget crisis is looming and some conservative lawmakers are proposing radical ways to balance the budget like:

  • Opting out of the Medicaid health care program,
  • Planning huge cuts to other human services like mental health, children’s health insurance, and community-based care for the elderly,
  • And even eliminating cost-saving, pregnancy prevention programs like the Women’s Health Program that saves the state over $10 for every $1 it invests in the program.

Draconian cuts like these will leave thousands of Texas women and families without access to vital, preventive health care and social services they need. And, more so than in past sessions, we’re anticipating access to safe and legal abortion will be under constant attack from the newly emboldened conservative legislators.

We can’t let this happen. We need your help to pressure lawmakers to do what’s right for Texas and ensure that Texas women and families continue to have access to preventive health care and education.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Sign up for Lobby Day in Austin on Tuesday, March 8. Registration is free until February 1, so sign up today.
  • Join our Rapid Action Team – we’ll keep you informed of what’s happening in Austin and contact you with time-sensitive action
  • items when legislation is moving.

The 2011 Louisiana legislative session begins on Monday, April 25th. With a severe budget crisis and proposed cuts to education and health care, we will need your help to put the pressure on our lawmakers. Stay tuned for more information.

Thanks for your continued support. Together we’ll ensure the right and ability of all individuals to manage their sexual and reproductive health!

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